In December of 2015 I realized I had definitely gone off the deep end.

There I was sitting on an air mattress on the floor of my Santa Monica apartment, looking around my newly emptied living room which used to be full of stuff that I had just given away for free.

I had spent the day watching people come in and out taking all of my things: a snowboard, surfboard, pots, pans, books and paintings.

About 75% of everything I owned was now gone.

The only thing left was my girlfriend and our dog.

And so with most of our belongings given away and no source of steady income, having just quit our jobs and started new coaching businesses, we left the city that we had called home for the last seven years and made the choice to be homeless. We decided to let Spirit guide us with no clear plan in sight other than the trust that we would wind up exactly where we were supposed to be.



Because our intuition told us to. Our intuition had said loud and clear that it was time to prove to ourselves that we truly could do anything we put our minds to.

It was time to remove the safety net and apply all the lessons that we had been learning through our personal and spiritual development the last several years.

It was time to take a leap of faith.

That subsequent journey would lead to 7 months outside of the United States in 8 different countries. It would lead to a 10-day silent meditation retreat by myself in India. It would lead to volunteering in a refugee camp in Greece and building clean water wells in Tanzania, Africa. It would lead to building a successful coaching business from the road, despite being 1000’s of miles away from what most experts would say was my customer base. It would lead to a powerful experiential understanding about the beauty of the world and the people in it.


That’s just not how the world works.

The willingness to jump and trust that not only will you be okay, but that you’ll thrive, is the single most important characteristic that I have found contributes to rapid personal growth.

And so from my own journey, whether it’s with plant medicine, mentorship, meditation retreats,

podcasts, books, or workshops, everything that I do in my life is because it’s what my intuition says is the next step. And don’t get me wrong, it’s usually quite scary. But I trust that the fear that I may feel is simply an indication that I’m playing at the edges of my comfort zone which means that by taking these steps I will expand. And every time I expand I create more room for the joy, abundance and beauty of life to find me. To fill me up. And while I have been blessed now to be a self-sustained entrepreneur for a decade, I find that my real job lies within the willingness to dive into all the aspects of myself that might get in the way of being as pure a vessel as possible for high vibrational frequencies to pass through me into the world.

So when people ask, “what do you do?” I tell them I transmit frequency through the conscious content that I create, the workshops and performances I lead, and the 1 on 1 and group coaching programs that I facilitate. And I trust that by transmitting as pure a frequency as I possibly can, I can get out of the way so that those that have the willingness to take the leap of faith, will receive the transmissions and find themselves empowered as the infinite creators that they are. They may have just temporarily forgotten.