Growing Up

Andy Grant has been through a lot in a relatively short period of time. More than most will ever experience or will ever imagine. At 12 years old, Andy lost his mum to leukaemia, leaving him to help his dad bring up his two younger sisters. At 17, Andy decided after a year of A levels, that he needed a different challenge and was drawn into the Royal Marines by a single TV advert.

Life as a Marine

After completing the Royal Marine Commando training, he earned his coveted green beret and served in operation in Iraq and Afghanistan for nearly seven years, before being medically discharged after some very serious injuries in Afghanistan.

Andy was blown up by an IED five months into his tour to Afghanistan, which resulted in him spending two weeks in an induced coma and eighteen months in and out of hospital before Andy eventually decided to have his leg amputated for a better quality of life and for control of his future.

Back on Track

Since then, Andy has practiced what he preaches and lives each day like it is his last and certainly has got back the quality of life that he desired.

Andy has climbed some of the highest mountains in the world, learnt to ski and surf, and recently became the fastest single leg amputee in the world over 10km; clocking a time of 37:17.

He now plans to bring that 10km time down even further and plans to become the fastest single leg amputee over 5km.

As well as his motivational speaking, Andy is also a qualified personal trainer.

“It was a pleasure meeting Andy today. Listening to his story puts everything into perspective, and makes you think of ways to adapt your own life to achieve more.  I have no doubt that our own students will think back on today, with a renewed outlook on everyday life. Andy connected with everyone in the room, gripping them right from his first words.”

FootballCV Academy Head Coach

“Organising a team building and motivation day off-site for a mixed group of staff, is by no means an easy task. However, in Andy, we found the perfect speaker. Within just his opening sentences, the audience were engaged, and I would challenge anyone not to feel inspired and humbled by what they hear. A fantastic person who gave our group exactly what we were looking for with real personal experiences.”

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