My names Bek and I am a Muay Thai fighter out of Martial mix muaythai in Glenhuntly and a mother of a beautiful boy, I work two jobs and spend hours training for fights. My upbringing was a lot different from most, I grew up in a family of six kids with an alcoholic father, my mother was a dancer in the Australian ballet school and an extremely open and nurturing woman

My mother left my father when I was about 8 and raised six kids alone, did a choreography degree and battled cancer. I lost my mother at the age of 13 exactly a year after she originally went into remission. From there all of the kids got split up and I ended up in a small country town with my aunt where my father had moved. My father was worse than I could remember and would regularly be seen drunk in the streets which as a teenager is humiliating, one morning on the way to school at age 15 I had found out my father had died by lighting a cigarette and falling asleep drunk, the whole school bus drove past that burning house that morning. After that experience I up and left on my own at 15 and moved to Melbourne. It’s safe to say from there I went off the rails took drugs, partied and ended up sleeping on friends couches with my worse night sleeping in a shed at the back of a mates house, I remember my low point looking around a room after not sleeping for days and realising not a single person around me was anything morbeke than someone to take drugs with and decided I didn’t want this life. I met my now separated partner and we had a beautiful boy who literally changed my life, having someone to nurture changed the game for me and I don’t know where I would be if it wasn’t for him. But the real turning point in my life was when I started Muay Thai. My then partner one day took me to a little club and said you should try kickboxing you’d love it. I remember being terrified I went in and I met my now trainer Justin. Justin was different to any person I had ever met and right from the very start believed in me more than any one has in my life , at first I was pretty closed but we started hitting pads and little by little I just felt like this was what I was supposed to do sometimes you just have to trust sometimes without knowing , as time went on and he refused to give up on me , my guard slowly came down and in so many ways so did his , I shared for the first time my story and he shared the loss of his dad I remember just sitting down after a session both just in tears sharing our stories and I think that made our team so much stronger, we are not just trainer and fighter but so much more connected and that’s what makes it special , Muay Thai has changed me, gave me my passion the place I fit in the world , it’s hard and exhausting and tests you every single day but once you find what you love, life makes so much more sense, I couldn’t be the fighter I am and have the drive to keep going if I hadn’t experienced everything that came before. Sometimes when you are in the dark it’s hard to see the light and if sharing my story helps even one person it’s worth it x