My name is Brandon DesJarlais and I’m a 22yr old professional downhill skateboarder from Salem, OR USA.

Growing up in the Pacific Northwest, I was involved in sports and photography from a young age. After five years as a competitive wrestler, I discovered downhill skateboarding and immediately set out to not just be good at it, but to become one of the best. Working my way through school, I even delivered Jimmy Johns sandwiches by skateboard challenging myself to be faster than the other guys who used bikes and cars. In the six years since, I’ve gained both skill and a sizable following on social media.

I’m currently sponsored by six companies: Moonshine MFG, Abec 11, RipTide, Aera Trucks, Holesom, TSG, and Risq. I’m fortunate enough to travel the world regularly for competitions and media opportunities. In 2016 alone I traveled nearly 10 months of the year to over 15 countries including, Germany, Spain, Sweden, Mexico, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Italy, the Dominican Republic, and many more. For Moonshine MFG, a high-end specialty board maker, I help plan marking strategy as well as manage their skate team and social media presence.

I’ve been in college – studying business, and photography – for two-and-a-half years and have even managed to make it onto the President’s List for academic excellence. I decided to take time off from my studies however when the unique opportunity arose to use my skateboarding skills to do stunt work in a feature film. I served as Vin Diesel’s stunt double for the skateboarding scenes in the recently released movie “xXx 3: The Return of Xander Cage.”

Since my experience working in the new xXx film, my life has been nothing short of crazy. I basically went from living in Oregon with 2 jobs as a full-time student, to a globe-trotting professional overnight. This opportunity came completely out of nowhere. I was in my morning writing class when I got a call from one of my sponsors, Abec 11, requesting a headshot and short bio of myself for some ambiguous movie opportunity. Maybe a local film project. Maybe a university test shoot. I truly had no idea… Later that night I got a call from some guy saying they needed ME, and that they wanted to fly me to Toronto the next morning. After some time there for preparation, and nearly 3 weeks of filming in the Dominican Republic it had finally come to an end.

Ever since then, I’ve been so inspired to do my best in everything I do. You never know when an opportunity like this is going to come about, and how it can change your life.

My current focus in life is to really help motivate others though my passion. Honestly, the majority of social media makes me cringe. My goal is to counteract the negative effects it’s having on our society by shifting the focus of my followers from a conceited personal message and to one that’s more inspiring. A message that people can relate to more deeply. For example, I spent a solid 8 hours today writing personalized inspiring autographs out to almost 75 people around the world, free of charge. For me, I get most stoked seeing other people stoked. It’s truly what keeps me moving at the heavy pace that I do.

I’m stoked for what’s to come! I have plans to finish college and, of course, to keep racing and appearing on podiums around the world holding my skateboard up in the air! You can follow along on Instagram @desgnarlais and coming soon at