When I was 17, my mother was diagnosed with brain cancer. Being thrust into a life-threatening situation was too much for me at the time, and I started experiencing anxiety and panic attacks every day.

I gained 20 pounds, suffered from insomnia and had to nearly Leave College my freshman year after my grades slipped from A’s to C’s and D’s.

There came a low moment when I thought, how am I to live and flourish in the world when I am suffering so much and feel so alone. I realized though that if was up to me to change my life and work through my issues.

After college, I moved to New York- probably not the best place for someone who suffers from general anxiety disorder, but I knew it would help me gain strength and wisdom.

While studying acting, I realized I could utilize my anxiety as an artist, that it actually was my secret weapon.

Without anxiety, I wouldn’t be intuitive, empathetic, open and vulnerable. Despite common opinion on the mental disorder, I started to view it as my super power and have been able to overcome so many of my issues with the disorders with constant self-care and work.

Looking at my life now, I couldn’t be happier to be living as an artist / creative and champion of mental health issues.

It’s important we connect as a community and feel understood and supported.


Born in Plantation, Florida, Carly began her artistic career as a ballet dancer where she studied with The American Ballet Theatre and Miami City Ballet.

At age 17, she decided channel her artistic passion into acting and after graduating from the University of Florida, moved to New York to study at the Maggie Flanigan Studio and UCB.

She has gone on to appear in numerous commercials, films, television shows and voice overs. In 2016, she created Baus Lady Films with her creative counterpart, Caroline Duncan. They went on to co-produce, co-write and co-star in their short films, “Fashion Faux Pas” and “Pick Me”. Most recently she can be seen working opposite of Chris Meloni is Syfy’s adaptation of Grant Morrison’s graphic novel Happy!