Cary Williams is a former Olympic style boxer, Olympic level boxing coach, boxing club owner, cover model, speaker and has now created the Too Pretty brand and #NEVERTOOPRETTY movement.

This unique brand was created for girls and women who are tough enough to “play hard” while still embracing their femininity!

The Too Pretty brand was created out of my experience in a male dominated sport: Boxing.

As a fighter I was told often that I was Too Pretty to be a boxer. Which really meant in their mind, that I was not capable. Those same people who then saw me fight would say, “You fight like a boy!” And in the world of boxing or any sport where you get punched in the face; that is a compliment. Fast forward 5 years and it dawned on me that I was not the only girl/woman experiencing these comments. There were business owners, surfers, managers, race car drivers, writer’s bodybuilders and the list goes on!

I launched the Too Pretty brand in late 2015 with a few lines of T-shirts and halter tops. They were a hit (no pun intended)! Our social media platforms started to grow and the #tooprettymovement began.

Currently this movement is in full effect with an Instagram project. Girls and women are posting a black and white photo of themselves holding a cardboard sign on which they have written what they are Never Too Pretty to do.

They use hash tags #nevertoopretty #tooprettymovement and #thebeautyinstrength and explain what it means to them.

We are extending the movement to girl’s events across the nation. Our first event was Skate Rising which assists young girls in learning how to skateboard. I went out and spoke to the girls and then they all created a #nevertoopretty boacary-williams-boxerrd.

In the boxing world, Cary boxed competitively in the amateurs and won the Pacific Northwest Women’s Tournament before hanging up her gloves. She is now a Level IV Olympic Level Boxing Coach with USA Boxing.

Cary has trained many boxers, some of which have made it to Olympic Trial Qualifying Tournaments.

Cary caught the attention of many when she trained and cornered a female boxer for 3 Olympic Qualifying tournaments. All done without the help of an assistant coach in the corner for each fight.

She is also a key
note speaker giving motivational speeches at venues and schools on a regular basis as well as a paid key-note speaker for companies such as Mayweather Promotions.

Cary co-created and co-hosted “Boxing 101” Boxing Camp Workout and “Additional Fundamentals”, unique boxing instructional and workout DVDs.

As a spokesperson for Everlast, Cary created a boxing class format for 24 Hour group fitness called Everlast ShadowBox and was a part of several print ad campaigns for Everlast. She also was in two different ad campaigns for Everlast on a global scale. She has also been hired by Adidas to train some of their athletes and was a part of a promotional production for their launch of the Pure Boost X shoe.

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