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Full Mettle Jacket – How to Build Resilience Part I #sharetoinspire

One of the most straightforward ways you can begin building resilience is by looking at what you already have available to you. Right at the top of my list are close relationships. This is for the simple reason that the people around you are highly likely to share your outlook, focus, values and beliefs. They [...]

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Full Mettele Jacket – Why Does Resilience Matter?

Resilience is a mechanism that gives us the opportunity to protect ourselves, and the things we value. As with any mechanism, the more sophisticated it becomes, the better it serves you. Resilience is how we experience growth, and the outcome is the development of many different kinds of intelligence, from intrapersonal – the understanding of [...]

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Whats your Inspiration?

What’s your inspiration –A cliché but important question? I do not proclaim to be an expert in any way. For me, I find myself thinking daily, hourly and probably thousands of times a day actually - I can only assume that I am not alone in thinking that we are inspired through countless moments constantly. [...]

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Your stories have created our journey

We want to say a massive thank you to each and every one of our contributors and followers. We are super proud to have this incredible opportunity to be part of so many people’s lives. We have had the privilege of sharing more than 100 individual stories in as little as 6 months since the [...]

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How KNQR was born.

For years I would often refer to positive affirmations when I wanted to do something or encourage someone. Konquer Life I’d say (and wrote the philosophy) like a “desiderata” reading. I wanted to spread my message of what Konquer Life meant to me.  TO DO / not ponder, dawdle or contemplate. Several years passed and [...]

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