Jeremy Forbes

Founder – HALT > Hope Assistance Local Tradies I believe I have a message that can inspire, motivate and encourage people to challenge themselves to explore their leadership style and create change My message and story are based on real life events and my talks relate to the content on a personal level, A bit [...]

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Hulya (Durma) Marquardt

Smiling at the camera and striking a pose for my now husband Dennis, he grinned back at me.  It was September 2017 and I couldn’t believe I was living out my dream of being a model. “You look beautiful”, Dennis said as he knelt down to find the perfect angle, before lifting me back into [...]

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Michael Crossland

Raw, Real and truly Life-Changing is the best way to describe Michael Crossland. He is one extraordinary young man who has defied the odds of not only life threatening cancer as a baby but was the only survivor of a horrific drug trial that killed all except Michael. He continues the battle to this very [...]

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Andy Grant

Growing Up Andy Grant has been through a lot in a relatively short period of time. More than most will ever experience or will ever imagine. At 12 years old, Andy lost his mum to leukaemia, leaving him to help his dad bring up his two younger sisters. At 17, Andy decided after a year [...]

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Nicolene Mostert

NOTHING IN LIFE IS IMPOSSIBLE AS HUMANITARIAN, MODEL, ACTIVIST AND FOUNDER OF NPO ONE CHANCE AT LIFE GLOBAL NICOLENE MOSTERT PROVES Founder of the non-profit organisation (NPO), One Chance At Life (OCAL) Global, Nicolene Mostert (34), is pretty much the poster child of what a person should look like in order to make the world [...]

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Adam Roa

In December of 2015 I realized I had definitely gone off the deep end. There I was sitting on an air mattress on the floor of my Santa Monica apartment, looking around my newly emptied living room which used to be full of stuff that I had just given away for free. I had spent [...]

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Preston Pollard

Preston Pollard is a Skateboarder, TV - Host & International Motivational speaker from Anchorage, Alaska who now resides in Los Angeles. Being raised in Alaska was incredible, but having a dream to be a professional skateboarder seemed crazy to some. I was often teased because many thought I should be playing basketball or football! I [...]

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Lydia Lassila

FEARLESS. DRIVEN. GOING FOR GREATNESS These are just a few words to describe aerial skier, mumpreneur and all round Aussie champion Lydia. SHE BELIEVED SHE COULD. SO SHE DID A mum, professional athlete, business woman, public speaker and mentor Lydia continues to push for greatness in all aspects of her life. A world record holder, [...]

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Ty Duckett

3 years ago I was an able bodied motorcycle rider and enthusiast. I am an accountant by trade. One night in November of 2015, I was struck by a truck while I was riding my motorcycle. After a handful of surgeries, my left leg was unable to be saved and it was amputated six inches [...]

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Brandon Novak

Born in Baltimore, Maryland; Brandon Novak is a skateboarder from the renowned Powell-Peralta team, an MTV celebrity (Viva La Bam, Bam’s Unholy Union), an alumnus of the Jackass motion picture series, a star of the legendary CKY skateboard video series and author of his bestselling addiction memoir Dreamseller. In love with skateboarding at the age [...]

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