My name is Da’ed and I’m 22 years old.

I studied international relations at HU in Jordan, and all my efforts were crowned by wearing my graduation cap in 2016.

I was born with an incomplete left hand. God had chosen me among millions of people to be special and different. In return, he gave me all strength and patience needed to bear and face all challenges ahead.. I had a kind of difficult childhood as I started to discover and experience everything, I started to learn how to hold things with only one hand, and with a little help of my left hand. I remember dropping and breaking so many things while trying to learn how to hold them right, I learnt how to do my shirt’s buttons, my shoe laces, my nails, my hair, all by myself.. And all those failed attempts didn’t ever hold me back, but instead, they pushed me forward to work harder than before to achieve whatever I daad finishwanted..

As I grew older, I started to recognize people’s looks and whispers about my hand, and I knew challenges were getting bigger.. The first challenge I had to face was improving my self-confidence to confront community without fear or embarrassment.. Another one was proving that I’m not different than any other ordinary person in this world, and I’m completely able to do all my responsibilities in and outside my home. Sometimes I seem to be a little bit slower than others, but nevertheless, I do finish my works. I have a passion with drawing and painting.

After the age of 18, I started my physical treatment in order to strengthen my hand’s muscles by lifting weights… 1 kilo was my first weight to lift, but now, I lift 7 kilos. I consider this as one of my continuous achievements.

Every day, I learn something new that improves my skills, which led people to respect me and, in some cases, consider me a role model. I work now in humanitarian field with Syrian refugees in Jordan with PUI organization.  Optimism is the most important thing in my life that always keeps the smile on my face and makes me feel positive all the time.