My name’s Dalila

I am a law student, model and Singer.

I’m 19 years old and I have the Charcot Marie Tooth disease aka CMT. I live in France and I’m in law school. My passion is singing, so I recently created a youtube channel, Cover By Dalila.

I post my covers on it. Sometimes, I work with some photographers in order to better mediate disability, so that people see it in another way.

I have CMT since my early childhood, I always knew what it was to have more differences, so over the years I have made it a force despite the fact that this disease almost cost me my life a couple of years ago.

Anyway, now I’m trying to make my dreams come true and live (almost) day by day. I consider my handicap as a physical characteristic indispensable to the person I am (like having blond or brown hair). Therefore, I’m fighting everyday as I can against prejudices about disabilities.

The majority of people think that disabled people detest their wheelchair, and in the face of this kind of thinking, I want to ask if they hate their sunglasses, because like their sunglasses that help them see better when there’s too much sun, my wheelchair helps me to move better because my legs are too tired now. That’s all. That’s not sad or anything else. It’s life. Each life has its own difficulties. For some people its health, for some others it’s financial, sometimes it’s the both, etc… But the thing is that despite of all those difficulties, the state of mind is stronger than anything else.

There’s also the benefits of connections and communications between people which are really important to build our own happiness. I think that those are the main keys to achieve our dreams.