Once a kid with a vision to impact the world, now a man impacting the world with his creative visions created with his weapon of choice the “THE CAMERA”.  In 2012, Dontell Antonio discovered his talent and passion for video and photography while attending the art institute of Atlanta.

He did not waste time to take his newly discovered talents to new levels, so he immediately purchased a high end camera called the Canon Mark II.  Within two years, Dontell Antonio has fined tuned his videographer and photographer skills and he his providing services to some of the music’s industry mainstream and popular independant artists.  

However, It has not been an easy task for Dontell Antonio,  over the past two years to get to this level.

He has a formula for success that consists of ambition + drive + humbleness.

Every project is another opportunity for him to grow and get better. Evidence of Dontell’s steady growth can be seen in all of his latest projects.

As a graphic designer and former hip-hop artist, Dontell Antonio understands what his clients need to have a well produced and polished visual product to promote their brand.

Dontell never gets content with his achievements. He always feels there is room to grow and try new ideas and experiment with new equipment to achieve the ultimate high quality commercial look required by his clients. At the present time Dontell is upgrading his current weapon the Cannon 5D to the new industry leading high end red camera product line.  With this upgrade, Dontell has his sights set on bringing the world even more high end quality creative visuals that will continue to impact the world.

Im sure you want to know more about Dontell Antonio, but we will not go deep into his life because that story is still in he making.  Besides, where is the fun in all of that.  The real fun and excitement is following Dontell Antonio on his journey to becoming the greatest director.