My name is Eddie Abasolo.

I was born and raised in Vallejo CA. When i was a child me and my family were evicted from our home and were living in our van for a while. We would spend a few nights at a family friends living room here and there.

I remember me and my dad stealing food from grocery store just so we would be able to eat. There were times when me and my siblings would have to share a bag of chips for dinner. Slowly our family came up, my dad worked his butt off to get us on our feet. He’s where I get my “no quit” attitude from. In junior high I was bullied and deceived many times. After high school I was a heavy user of drugs and alcohol and was a heavy chain smoker, I would smoke over a pack of Newport’s a day. I was always trying to find the next party and the next high. I was overweight at 225lbs and ate nothing but crap.

I remember thinking once to myself “my body is so jacked up I don’t see myself doing anything athletic ever again”. I didn’t care about morals. I didn’t care if I died,if anything I wanted to die before any of my loved ones so I wouldn’t have to see them die and feel that pain. As I got older and learned about life and the power of love I started to change.

I think I was the last person people would have thought to find this path. I found a Muay Thai gym in my city so me and my brother Elvin checked it out for fun. When we first started We would come to practice high and drunk, we didn’t take it serious at first. Slowly it became an obsession and I got better and better.

I couldn’t live without it, it was all I could think about.

You know when you fall in love with someone everything reminds you of that person, you hear their voice and see their face everywhere you go. Every time you touch a pen to paper you can’t help but write their name and and you feel full but at the same time empty only because you’re not with them at the moment… that’s what the art Muaythai became to me.

When I got serious about Muaythai my goal was to win a WBC green belt. Once I achieved that I realized my dream isn’t to win a specific title. My dream is to be able to do this every day.

I’m often asked where do I want to be after fighting… do I want to own a gym? Do I want to be a trainer? Etc. and the truth is I don’t know where the passion of my heart will lay tomorrow and my goal isn’t to seek “where will I end up” but “how will I end up.”

Basically, Whatever keeps me genuine.