Emily O’Brien is the CEO and Founder of Gatherr, a Visual Marketing Consulting firm that assists brands and influencers grow their audience and engagement on Instagram and other visually appealing social networks. As a specialist in visual marketing consulting, Emily has led her team in assisting brands like Tim Hortons, Tokyo Smoke, Barrio, Integra Health Centre grow their digital following.

As an avid startup supporter Emily also serves as Social Media Manager for Startup Toronto where she has helped build the online audience to over 40,000 followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. She volunteers her time and experience on a monthly basis to help struggling and cash strapped startups and small businesses improve their social media strategy.

As an established social media influencer Emily has helped over 30 brands globally grow their online following and engagement. She has collaborated with a variety of brands in the Art, Fashion, Technology, Social Enterprise, Restaurant and Hospitality Space. She actively advises established brands on how to promote and share their content, organize events and offerings through her own social media network and following.

An outspoken thought leader she is frequently invited to speak at industry events and corporate gathering to present insights regarding digital and social media strategy.