Eusebio from Bilbao, Spain, and myself, Christina from Sydney, Australia, met on the small tropical island of Koh Tao in Thailand over 12 years ago. I was traveling and teaching scuba diving until I started my first freediving course in 2005 at Eusebio’s school, Apnea Total, who he co-founded with Monica Ganame in 2003.

Freediving is diving without a tank or any artificial breathing apparatus and I was hooked from the very beginning. Although I didn’t excel at first, I found that it was a great way to challenge myself and overcome any mental barriers or fears of being underwater on one breath.
Eusebio was already an established world-class freediver and international freedive educator and from that day forward he became my trainer.

I love the sensations of freedom, the feeling of flying underwater as well as to experience marine life in a very natural way, plus the dept2012-july-the-pit-02h training was a great personal challenge.

To be at 100 metres depth on only one breath is an incredibly surreal and peaceful sensation, however this required a lot of physical and mental training.

For myself, the concept of depth has been a challenge to embrace and I have overcome many fears and learned that once I have completed all the required physical training the only thing that can allow me to succeed is my mind.
Over the years, under Eusebio’s training – I established 8 National Australian freediving records and to date I am the deepest female Australian freediver in history.

We both share this passion for freediving and the ocean and we have discovered a great balance of trainer-student dynamics in the water and eventually when we became partners, as husband and wife outside of the water.

As I progressed quickly, we decided that we would love to share our passion with the public through our photographic work which is a way to engage people with the beautiful sensations of apnea and the incredible encounters we have with underwater animals, particularly sharks.

We also decided, as a personal challenge, that we would love to dive deep together and therefore established a world’s first freedive to a depth of 100 metres in the discipline of Tandem Variable Weight, all on one breath alone of course.

We have won various photographic competitions over the years and featured in many international editorials.

This publicity we perceive as a great way to share our experiences and to encourage more people to enjoy the ocean, despite of any fears or hesitations that they may have.

Freediving is a very mental sport and for us it is a very personal experience that we are lucky enough to share with each other and all the students that cross our paths.

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