Influential, disabled and widely regarded as one of the first para rock climber’s in Iran.

He is setting and promoting new sports and activities for disabled people. During the period 2014 to 2016 he was national number one for a para rock climbing consecutive years.
He was born 27 October 1983 in Iran. His childhood was full of adventure.

He began playing from an early age. He grew up loving all sports which involved the hand eye co-ordination of foot. He played football, volleyball and gymnastic.

His talent was soon apparent, at the age of 11 he won his first provincial championship in gymnastic and got motivated to be the best player in the world. This stood out as an impressive achievement for him in childhood.
In middle of teenage years at 15, he found he likes football. He started playing Football and continued it for 4 years. However, at the age of 19, Hassan by an accident and injury in football was diagnosed with cancerous tumor in his left leg.

This was a condition that stunted growing in football, and required expensive medical treatment, including chemotherapy and knee surgery, which did not cure cancer and for his surviving and control cancer process doctors had to dismember his left leg above knee.
It had taken time for healthy to recover from the effects of chemotherapy drugs. He overcame illness to turn himself into trying to be one of inspiring athletes in his country and even world for disable people and bring his childhood dream into truth. Slowly, he learned how to deal with his new life, and with the encouragement of his friends and family, he involved in sports.

He discovered a whole new world of sport, including sitting volleyball, swimming and rock climbing.

Setting new goals for him.
At the age of 19 he enrolled at university to study accounting. 3 years after he graduated with a degree in accounting.

During that time he had not given up on sports, he has thrown himself into them. Fuelled by some big dreams – to make communities more accessible and inclusive for disable people, creating and modify sports to provide a more appropriate version for disable participant.
He selected rock climbing because it is a physically and mentally demanding sport and he loves challenge with nature.

He says “I can find my life’s way in nature ”. With these efforts with support of two his friends, he made the first national para rock climbing’s team in Iran 2014. Joining National team, Hassan made steady progress. He was sent to Para Climbing World Championship 2014 in Spain, he won his 8th title. He also won a gold medal in the national championship’s thrhassan-4ee years in row from 2014 to 2016.
In winter 2015 he was invited to disables ski talent finding program by national ski and Skate federation, after getting trained they made him welcome to national disable ski’s team to participate in the qualification tournament for the 2017 Winter Olympics. During this time, along with intensive practice of rock climbing he began to lay the foundation for Para Skating and negotiating with federation to register his record.

In 2016 he introduced for second time to World Para Climbing championship 2016 France and he won his 7th title.
One of his big concerns is to improve the daily lives of people with disabilities or physical weaknesses.

Unfortunately, current assistive technology does not fully address their needs. Beyond the design issues, these tools are expensive. Cost shuts many people out of using them, regardless of how well they work.

This encouraged him to start working on it, innovating, designing and making a prosthesis based on his needs. Account on his experiences and gain knowledge of material’s properties he built a prosthesis for his rock climbing which he got permission to use it in Paris competition 2016, and faced with its weaknesses and points to achieve maximum performance in future.

Nothing can stop him to show physical challenging people’s abilities, so he also started building a special prosthesis for slack lining and after 9 months he could walk with it and attempting to be first amputee slack liner in world. Currently he is conducting a research for a hi-fi functional and inexpensive prostheses for running, which is a serious challenge for athletes with disabilities. He tries to invite and use other disables experience to achieve it.
Hassan is trying to change people’s perceptions of disability; he encourages a more adventurous style of life with more trying. He is committed to working with these people to support the development of social responsibility and life skills. He encourages them to be the best that they can be and to believe that anything is possible if they have the courage to try.
Now, and for the next years, Hassan wants to continue his work and concentrate on being an excellent athlete and world champion and promoting the development of useful and inexpensive technologies for all people all over the world, encouraging people to have an active and healthy lifestyle, and making communities more inclusive so that everyone can enjoy them.

He can’t do it alone, he needs your help to make a difference!