For years I would often refer to positive affirmations when I wanted to do something or encourage someone. Konquer Life I’d say (and wrote the philosophy) like a “desiderata” reading.

I wanted to spread my message of what Konquer Life meant to me.  TO DO / not ponder, dawdle or contemplate.

Several years passed and as I matured having a young family of my own, my awareness of people all wanting to achieve something great in their lives was a common find, albeit unique to the individual.  Everybody is in pursuit of a successful life, and the meaning of this is quite different to each of us depending on our circumstance.

I have been witness to people close to me (strong people) suffer with illness and in particular the passing of my father in law boasting; unwavering optimism right up to his very last days ultimately losing his battle with brain cancer.

Although intending to for many years; this was my tipping point.  I had to tell more people to “Konquer Life” and embrace it while we have it.

In October of 2015 I took the Konquer Life belief and saying to a colleague, friend and experienced businessman I knew – Kristian Livolsi.

I was seeking some feedback and advice how to brand and spread my message.

Drawing on similarities and a common direction we were both headed with individual projects, Kristian joined and partnered with me to make Konquer Life a reality.

With a few early changes and evolution of our brand; KNQR was born – a user generated platform where we would build a community of individuals who share stories of triumph, overcoming adversity to inspire others facing similar circumstance.

Our tag-line became “Share to Inspire”

Since soft launching on social media, we’ve experienced overwhelming support and have gained the contributions of 26 individuals from around the world, all with their own inspirational journey to share.

We have earmarked several channels and different platforms to spread our message, creating a KNQR nation – spreading belief and optimism amongst us all.

We shall all Konquer Life !


Mission Statement

“To inspire generations through sharing common stories of triumph”


Vision Statement

“To spread optimism contagiously, instil hope and promote the courage to pursue your passion”


Nick Rutten