I guess my story would be that I’m a skateboarder from New Jersey.

I started when I was 10 years old. My first sponsor was when Paul Rodriguez recognized me on youtube and decided to start flowing me gear from Plan B skateboards and Nike. Shortly after, I moved down to Tampa, Florida to go to college for 4 years. Within that time Plan B and Nike couldn’t sponsor me anymore but I still kept at it and acquired other sponsors along the way.

graduated in 2013 with a communications degree. Once I graduated I went home for a month and my dad passed away from lung cancer. He was my biggest supporter of my skating growing up so it was a pretty big hit for me to hear that news.

A month or two after he passed, some friends of mine in California invited me to live with them. Its always been a dream of mine to live in California, and its where you need to be to pursue skating so of course I said yes. I moved out here officially in December of 2013.

Since Iv moved here, my popularity in the skate world has grown extravagantly and I have picked up a lot more sponsors, to the point where some of them are paying me. Right now my only goal is to turn professional which has been my goal since I was 10 years old.