Jeremy was born at almost 35 weeks with Sacral Agenesis/ Caudal Regression
Syndrome, he is missing his spine from L-4 down.

He also had Vertical Talus in both feet causing his toes to touch his shins at birth.  Most people have never heard of any of what he has due to the rarity.  A lot of doctors haven’t either, luckily we were blessed to get some that have.

He was not supposed to walk and had a haj1rd time even learning to sit up in the beginning due to the missing bones.  The pure will and determination in this boy has proved doctors and everyone else wrong since he was 6 months old (also when he first came to live with us).  

Jeremy learned to walk at 21 months old,  he loves to run, play baseball and pretty much any sport he tries.

Total thrill seeker at heart, loves going on roller coasters. The thing he really loves most is WCMX and going to the skatepark.  He tries more in his chair all the time including jumping corners and the “mega ramp” and he’s only five years old.  Who knows what he’d be doing had he got his chair sooner than he did.  He just mastered balancing the wheelie and the tipper bars are off, we can’t wait to see what else this wild
boy masters.

Even with all he has been through and what’s still to come it never slows him down, not even a little.  He’s the happiest kid I know and it’s hard to imagine him being any different that what he is !