From the United Kingdom – Joe Plumb is a national ambassador for anti-hate crime!

From the age of eight suffering Asperger’s, Joe grejoe 3w up with various physical and mental health issues! He also suffered severe bullying at school from not only his peers, but teachers too!

At the age of 13 he went into his first mental health hospital where he was moved around the country and was placed in hospital for most of 3 years! This didn’t stop Joe from making a difference though! Joe turned his experiences into something positive and started helping others and making changes to the mental health and social services system to improve the lives of others!

This led onto TV and radio work which opened up new and exciting opportunities for Joe! He now does public talks and presents at different events on and off TV! He also runs a children in care council and works alongside safeguarding teams and delivers presentations to represent the views of young people and make a difference! He is now a nationally recognised figure and if you would like to talk to Joe or book him for your event then get in contact and a member of management will get back to you!

Asperger syndrome is an Autism spectrum disorder (ASD).People with Asperger syndrome view the world differently and have difficulty with social, emotional and communication skills. They are often seen as eccentric. There is no cure, but support, understanding, routine and training can assist.