Jose was born and raised in San Antonio Tx
Entered the marine corps in 2003 right after High school Till June 13, 2013. Medically retired due to injuries sustained in Afghanistan while conducting a ground patrol with allied forces, triggered an IED which lead to a lost of a limb on my left leg below the knee and a right limb salvaged leg. Worked through depression, adversity, personal hardship and self doubt while recovering. Endured painful and humbling physical therapy as well as having to learn how to adapt to life with a prosthetic limb. When I felt like there was no where else to turn and felt like quitting life, I focused my energies and mind on becoming stronger physically and mentally than I was prior to my injury. Once I achieved that I wanted to focus on the community of personal hardships and being a motivator and encourager to others who felt like quitting.

Combat veteran of OIF Iraq, Ramadi and OEF Afghanistan, Helmand Province

What is R.A.H Productions?
Is a business entity that I created based off overcoming my own adversity, hardships and challenges through out my life.
R.A.H.  Stands for Rise Above Hardship. Its a channel and social media platform that educates , motivates ,encourages and brings to light topics, product reviews, fitness workouts and life stories of those who are over coming hardships and who have over come them.

Jose is currently working with:
Nike for product review, Non Profits organizations (TeamDiego, SheepdogSDIA, GI Foundation) San Antonio River City Athletics Group, BFS Nutrition, Warrior Fitness Center LLC

Jose has been Featured on:
Spike TV, Boston Globe, Good Morning America Facebook Page, Mens Fitness Facebook Page, Micheal Stokes Photography and currently has a story being worked on for NYC Business Insider

Current sponsors include:
Affliction clothing, Amerifirst financial of Texas