My name is Kerrin and I’m a heroine/opiate addict.   I just celebrated by 15 years of sobriety.

I was a competitive national level body builder and powerlifter from 17 to my mid 20’s.

I always had tkerrin coverhe mindset that “whatever I do, I do all the way or not at all”. That strong mind helped to win many shows, multi task and earn my BSN at 22 from Rhode Island College. Then it all went wrong. I became clinically depressed and turned to opiates then heroin to just escape. I didn’t want to deal anymore. I wasn’t working or training.. Just high all the time. It was the darkest and loneliest time of my life. This went on for some time. Then one day I said “I can’t do this anymore.  I want me and my life back”.  Through counselling and my family’s love, I just stopped myself destructive behaviour. It was the hardest challenge I’ve ever faced. 15 years and 3 suicide attempts later, I’m still here. Training like I used to, got into Buddhism, yoga and martial arts.  Even became vegan.  Totally flipped my life.

I’m now a RN (registered nurse) who works with the acutely ill to active drug addicts.  I am a sponsor for NA and other organisations dedicated to helping addicts. I am very active in many groups telling my story and advocating for more federal assist for the heroin epidemic in this country. I tell my story to show others “I did it and so can you “.

here’s nothing special about me.  I just wanted to live. Hopefully I can help others see how beautiful life without drugs truly is.

Thank you