Hi, my name is Kevin Almeida. I am a Photographer and this is what inspires me:

Hoping for a better life, my parents left Brazil to raise my siblings and I in the United States. As I was growing up, looking at pictures they had brought along with them from Brazil, quickly became one of my favourite pastimes. In a way I was transported back in time and was able to live life through their eyes. As a result, when I became older I was immediately drawn into photography.

Early in my career I found a passion in shooting portraiture. As humans, unless you’re a super-hero, our lives are typically cut short. Yet, we are all provided with stories, each unique and different than those around you. Any little thing can alter our lives and how we live it.

As a photographer I love to capture the moments that mean most to you. I see it as stopping time and reliving that instant every time you see the photo.