I was born in Reading, PA July 27th 1980. Growing up all over the United States, Pennsylvania, New York, Georgia, Oregon, Colorado, and finally ending up in Las Vegas in the summer of 1994.

My whole life I wanted to be a fighter but never let anyone else know about it. Fear of failure, being laughed at, and countless other doubts, all kept me from ever going after what seemed like an impossible dream. The person I did one day confide in was my good friend Moe. Instead of laughing, which is the reaction I thought I’d get, he tried to motivate me. “If anyone can do it you can!”, he said to my surprise. “One day I thought”, but once again put it in the back of my mind as I thought it was just a pipe dream and was still not ready to make the changes in my life that I’d knew would be necessary in order to achieve it. Unfortunately, Moe passed away in 1999 while waiting for a transplant, he had been born with a heart condition. I made myself a promise, to go after my dreams and live my life for both of us. However, his death took such a toll on me that it sent me even further down the dark road I was already on. After a series of tragic events, friends dying, going to jail, and myself nearly missing both countless times, I finally had a realization, if Moe were still alive he’d bash my head in. I was wasting my life.

That night I poured out the 40 that kevin_rosswas in my hand, quit drinking cold turkey and was in a gym the very next day. I’ve been living my dreams ever since.

Muay Thai saved my life. It has brought me all over the world, allowed me to meet so many of the most amazing, wonderful people and I’ve been blessed to be able to have had a positive impact on countless others lives. If it wasn’t for fighting I’d probably be dead, or at the very least locked away.

Muay Thai is definitely my first love and passion, but I enjoy all kinds of fighting and have ventured into Kickboxing, San Shou, Boxing as well as MMA. Art has been a lifelong love of mine as well and I hold a bachelor’s degree in computer arts and animation from the Art Institute of Las Vegas, graduated in 2006.

I currently reside in Dublin, California where I train and teach out of CSA Gym (combat sports academy). I moved here from Vegas right after having ACL surgery in 2012.

What I want more than anything in this life is to inspire and help people go after their dreams and to have a positive impact on this world. I signed with Bellator Kickboxing last year and am currently 3-0 with them. I’m aiming at being there first featherweight world champion, hopefully this year (2017). I want to continue fighting better people, help the sport grow as much as possible and just take this thing as far as I’m able. I continue to do freelance artwork when I have time.

People often sacrifice pursuing their dreams because they are worried about being poor or unstable, but no amount of money will ever make you happy and all you will do is live your life in regret. If you’re not living or pursuing your dream right now, stop what you’re doing and go after it. Face your fears, live your dreams!