From an alcoholic to kickboxing champion Kevin Ross “The Soul Assassin” has an trekked an amazing and inspirational journey.

Following ACL surgery in 2013 he dedicated his life to rehabilitation and becoming strong again. Renown for his mental strength he has consistently been a shining example of what it really means to be a Muay Thai fighter.

He doesn’t care about records, all he cares about is going out and giving it 100% in everything he does. Everyone can learn a little something from Kevin’s approach to life, whether you train Muay Thai or not.

With his dream of becoming a professional fighter, he gave up partying and drinking and committed his life to Muay Thai & Kick Boxing.

Kevin has trained in Thailand numerous times most recently with Sitmonchai gym in Thamaka, Thailand while fighting in the 2010 Toyota Cup 8-man tournament. In December 2010 Ross was Voted Muay Thai North American Fighter of the year.  He has fought some of the best Thai boxers in the world and holds a 2–3 record against Thai’s.

In December 2012, Ross signed with the Glory promotion.

Holding tight to his dream every day he trained and focused like a true warrior –

He is ranked #10 Featherweight kickboxer of the world from September 2014 by Combat Press.