My name is Kristina Shulina, I’m a Russian native.

I have an educational history of PR which initially led me to what I feel is my goal and drive in life – feminism and the topics surrounding femininity. Though Russia has a rich and varied culture and society, we are often painted falsely and misrepresented in the media. Concerning Russian women, we carry the scarlet letter of being whores and/or crazy and our feminine virtues as a whole are overlooked. My friend and I seek to change this.

Funnily enough, she is also named Kristina and together we are a powerhouse that strives to champion and highlight issues that relate to being a woman and the challenges we face. In modern times there has arisen this idea, this image, of a woman15043661_352835388430022_7592029976208080896_n to be pushy, adamant and challenging. An “Iron Lady” one might say. She must harbor an aggressive, oppressing mentality that is mostly attributed to men, whereas in Russia and other countries many women pursue the opposite side of this coin. To stay at home and tend to the children and household while at all times ensuring that they “look good”.

Kristina and I feel that femininity does not need to have any boundaries, any “rules”, you are allowed to exist simply as you feel fit – women without borders. We are intrigued by women, being a woman, how others see women; and this has always been at the crux of why we travel so frequently. It is exciting and at times scary to voyage around the globe and experience the cultural and societal differences in femininity.

Our travels have delivered us such a wealth of knowledge and insight that we have constructed our own website; in order to provide others who may be searching or interested in such information with a platform. Femininity is not something that is exclusive to women, people of all genders, ethnicities, sexual preferences, you name it – are allowed to be a part of this beauty.

If a higher power exists, then femininity would be the lipstick on the mouth that spoke life into existence.