thank you for this opportunity to share my story in hope that it will inspire other’s in the world.

In 2009 I sustained an injury to my right ankle, rupturing my ligaments; however it wasn’t diagnosed for 8 months, by that time more damage had happened.

Due to many operations and medical complications I was left with severe nerve damage and a condition called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. Whilst all this was happening i was serving in the Royal Air Force which was a very stressful and unhappy time.

I started to suffer depression and anxiety and was on a downward spiral in life.

2013 I had my right lower leg amputated due to my condition and things started to very slowly get better; i entered the first Invictus games for injured military which led to me being part of the Paralympic GB archery academy.

But in 2016 i found a new path, i started strength training which led to Strongman training and entering my first comp just 5 months later, I came 2nd in Britain’s Strongest Disabled Man qualifying me for the World’s Strongest Disabled Man, which then took me to the biggest competition of my life in 2018, the Arnolds Sports Festival in Ohio.

I have broken ever barrier I thought was in my way, lifted weights I couldn’t even do before my injury, constantly pushing the limits of my body my mind and my prosthetic, because I can, because it makes me happy, it makes me a fitter, stronger and healthier.

Most importantly it has made me a better partner and farther.