These are just a few words to describe aerial skier, mumpreneur and all round Aussie champion Lydia.


A mum, professional athlete, business woman, public speaker and mentor Lydia continues to push for greatness in all aspects of her life.

A world record holder, a gold medal winner at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics, and the first woman EVER to execute a quad-twisting triple somersault, Lydia is a woman on a mission. Raising the bar and pushing boundaries in an already high-risk sport is what sets Lydia apart from the rest in Freestyle aerial skiing.

It is what attracted filmmakers to create a full feature documentary about her life and professional achievements – The Will To Fly.


Her success in her field has come at a price of many injuries. Her shattered knee as a result of a crash at the 2006 Torino Olympics where she was classed as the favourite for gold. She endured the trauma of two back-to-back knee reconstructions and pushed herself through pain and fear to achieve personal greatness.

She asked herself daily “How far am I prepared to go for what I want?” This empowering question forms and propels the woman you see today.


Her ‘can’t stop – won’t stop’ attitude has driven her to creating her own business BodyICE. Born from the tragedy of the 2006 Olympics, Lydia set on a mission to develop a range of products to help people of all ages recover from their injuries and fight pain and inflammation naturally using simple ice and compression. Today the BodyICE range includes products for orthopaedic injuries, new mums and kids – providing heat and cold therapy solutions for the whole family.


Family is the core for Lydia who after becoming a parent, felt obliged to take a more balanced approach to the roles of professional athlete, wife and mother.

The professional skiers’ blood runs through the entire families veins, as Lydia’s husband Lauri is himself a former pro skier and children Kai and Alek are now no strangers to the slopes.

The support from her family keep her striving and achieving each and every new goal she sets herself from training to the WIN, Lydia is a force to be reckoned with!

When she’s not training or competing you can find Lydia whizzing up a mean curry in the kitchen or surfing her local breaks on the surf coast of Victoria.

As she eases into retirement, she has one more task at hand. To savour one final leap at the 2018 Winter Games. Her last ‘hurrah’ and fifth and final Olympics, Lydia is spending the remainder of 2017 ‘letting go’ of a sport that has taught her so much about herself – she says, “You prepare for competition. Why not prepare for retirement?” She hopes to show other professional athletes, the next generation of athletes and mums out there, it’s yours for the taking… you just got to go for it!