My name is Mallory Smith and at 25 I am a department manager for Woolworths in addition to having just started my own business. I’ve always been overweight.

I can’t remember a time where it wasn’t overweight.

I never let it affect my attitude, I never felt ashamed of myself, in fact I had a very high natural confidence about myself which never really lessened despite verbal comments about my weight.

About 4 years ago I began dating someone who was a very negative influence on my life. He was someone who monumentally changed my life (now) for the better but at the time took me for all my money, strength and manipulated me to near insanity.

In 2012 I moved to Adelaide with him and after a short period of time ended the relationship. I would then go on a mental rollercoaster over 10 months where I was close to suicide, began to self-harm and turned to alcohol, drugs and partying to try and numb the pain, loneliness and betrayal I was feeling.

That period of my life I often see as what made me who I am today, it was the absolute lowest point of my life and to this day I still thank my parents for instilling in me an underlying drive to continue fighting another day.

In amidst all of the turmoil my mind was going through; a friend introduced me to the gym. When I think back now to the first year of my membership and never truly going and working out consistently, I laugh.

I laugh because now I’m there almost every day! Not long after I began seeing a Personal Trainer. She’s now a great friend of mine, someone who saw me shake off the last of my downward spiral and saw/helped me rise again out of it. mallory-before

I suppose I never got serious about losing weight until I had come out of my partying phase.

I’d lost a lot of weight in a short amount of time and wanted to keep that off! I entered a 12 week challenge and at the end won the transformation category, it was one of the proudest moments of my life, to be recognized for the change I’d made!

Flash forward to today and I’ve now conquered (KNQR’D) my mental health issues (they’ll always be there, but they’re no longer what drives me and my emotions), I set my mind to progressing my career with Woolworths and within 2 years have become a Department Manager.

The next big thing for me is to grow my business with Arbonne, it’s a product I absolutely adore and the company itself embodies all of the things I value now which is health, wellness and being the best version of yourself.

To date I’ve lost 18.5kg and rather than cardio based training I thoroughly enjoy weight lifting and strength training. Nothing gets me ready for the day like a heavy lift or squat! I can’t begin to describe how much exercising gave me a new lease on life in more ways than physically.