Hi our names are Mariana and Diego Llamas.

We are a married couple, we both are Mexican from Guadalajara Jalisco. We are professional Muay Thai fighters.

Our story begins 2 years and a half ago when we left everything in Mexico (friends, family, gym, jobs, and life style in general) to chase our dreams. We wanted to be part of the fight team at CSA Gym. The only things we knew about the gym was through social media. We were not even sure who was the coach, but we decided to take a risk. A very big influence in our decision was Kevin Ross. Kevin had fought in Mexico around 10 years ago and since that day Diego follow his career and we knew Kevin was part of CSA Gym. We just sent a private message through facebook asking what would we needed to be able to train at the gym, so after Coach Kirian told us that we only had to pay a membership, sign a waiver and trained, and so we did.

A couple months later we left everything, packed 2 big suitcases and flew to the US. So the very first thing we did was find the gym and talked to Coach Kirian. From there we started looking for jobs and a place to live, because the first weeks we were living in a motel. Then we rented a room in someone’s apartment and after the first month we both found jobs and then started living in our own apartment.

The first wholemariana-diego year it was incredible hard, Diego didn’t speak any English, we didn’t even have a car so we rode our bicycles everywhere, to work, to the gym, to do groceries everywhere and every day, even if it was freackingly cold, if it was raining, if it was super hot, if we were extremely tired from working in the kitchen and being on our feet for 8 hours straight, but that didn’t stopped us from training 6 times a week.

Our daily routine was get up, ride our bicycles to work, come back, eat and ride or bicycles to the gym and ride back again, we worked even in the weekends.

We were and we still are living our dream. We are happily 3 years married.

“Living your dreams is not close to being easy but definitely is worth it.”

Mariana and Diego Llamas