I’ve found walking is the best exercise, as your whole body is moving at once. So I walk for personal fitness and being outdoors, weather this be by myself or with company.

I like challenges and I challenge myself a lot. mary

I don’t like to think I can’t do something so I prove to myself I can. I keep a positive and optimistic mind set, which enables me to participate and complete my walks.

I belong to a bush walking club which am one of the youngest. Our leader is 83 years of age and most of the group go on trekking holidays which I would love to do more often.  I had the privilege to travel with them and did trek the wilderness in Tasmania a couple of years ago which was an amazing experience.

With getting older I don’t want to end up walking with a frame etc. so walking is the best exercise for me.

I always think if older people than me can do it – then so can I.

I also enjoy nature in the bush and the beautiful scenery.


Mary “Marjo” Potter