Mikaela and I grew up in a small town called Yallingup in the south west of Western Australia. We recently moved to Sydney for training purposes so we were better equipped to compete successfully on the World Qualifying Surfing Series. We booked our flights to Sydney with nothing but our surfboard bag, a suitcase and a dream to be the first sisters to qualify on the World Championship tour. 

Our father is an avid surfer and our Nanna was a competitive swimmer (who competed against the likes of Dawn Fraser) so we were born and raised by the ocean. 

Mikaela and I started surfing competitively at age 11 and 8 respectively, where Mikaela placed third in the inaugural Taj’s Small Fries surfing competition in the U/16 Women’s division. I placed first in the WA Ripcurl Grom Searcmikaela-2h U/12 Girls division. 

Throughout our whole junior career, both Mikaela and I have won consecutive Western Australian State Titles for each division.  Mikaela has also won two WQS international surfing competitions at the start of this year, placing her in top 30 in the world and is most likely to qualify on the World Championship Tour at the end of this year.

We placed in the top 5 in the Australian National Junior Surfing Championships throughout our junior career and Mikaela also won a National Title at 15 in the U/19 AllStars Team event. 

Mikaela was a surfing stunt double for both the lead female actresses in the movie Drift (released 2013) – where she had to have 12 consecutive spray tans to match the skin tone of the actress Lesley Anne Brandt – and the movie Kill Me Three Times (released 2015) where she had a short brown wig stitched into her hair to match the actress Alicia Braga.

I was filmed in a documentary called “The Wild Card” that featured professional surfers Layne Beachley and Sally Fitzgibbons. It aired Australia wide on MySurf.TV. 

In addition to us competing and travelling all over the world for the WQS surfing competitions, we have also just become the International faces of a soon-to-be released Australian Natural skincare brand. This incredible opportunity would involve us travelling to 8 different countries to promote this amazing natural skincare to the rest of the world.

GoPro has decided to jump on board and support the “Greene Sisters” with an incredible range of GoPro’s and accessories. We will be taking them with us to document our crazy cultural experiences through Mexico, El Salvador, California, Costa Rica, Europe, Japan etc this will be posted to our Youtube channel in the form of a webisode series at the end of this year.