My name is Nadi and I’m an ordinary girl.

I’m korean by nationality but was born in the USSR in 1980’s.

I am a Single mother of an 11 year old boy whose name is Khan.

Never before I turned 32 years old; I did any sports.  However, few days after my 32nd  birthday I decided to change my life.  Running was the easiest thing to do.  So I grabbed a pair of new tennis shoes and ran into the park.  Oh my, it was the hardest 1k and 200 meters ever in my life 😅.

Then I met my inspirator who gave me my first  Suunto watch, helped to choose my very first pair of running shoes and showed me Ironman triathlon videos on Youtube.

Back then even half the distance seemed impossible to me – a girl who never used to do any sports before.  Worse than ever, I had a fear of water after I almost drowned in 2000.

I had a strong desire to overcome my fear which helped me to start swimming from zero again. 

I just paid for the classes and physically made myself attend the triathlon school.  Years of running training all year round built strong basis for the triathlon.  I learned to ride a road-bike from zero as well.

Triathlon is a dangerous sport.  One month before my dream to start at the Ironman 70.3 Astana (Kazakhstan) I fell off the bike and had a ligament rupture on the left hand.  My family, close friends and even inspirator tried to convince me to cancel the race.  However, I took my chances and finished 90 minutes early of my target time )).

Anything is possible if you overcome your fears. Train hard and never ever give up on your dream.  If I could do it, you definitely can do it.

My next dream is a full Ironman in 2019.