Ever optimistic – Nick was faced with a kidney tumour at age 15.

Only recently he can openly tell people he had cancer, before only ever referring to his “operation”. The kidney was removed and he now lives a happy fulfilled life with his young family.

At the time heavily into sports his energy and determined mind set saw him recover from surgery and continue on to receive his black belt in taekwondo. His passion for in-line and ice hockey saw him compete at state level.
As a “focused dreamer” he developed his talent as an artist – exhibiting in galleries and being awarded accolades.

Noticing people close to him (strong people) be brought down due to illness – he wanted to share the words “konquer life” – and try and spread the attitude of living life to the fullest – As a co-founder of KNQR we are now on that journey, proudly inspiring others to live a fulfilled life from the stories of every day people from around the world.

Nick him self is an inspiration, bringing this selfless platform to the world, sharing optimism contagiously and igniting a flame of hope amongst us all.