Preston Pollard is a Skateboarder, TV – Host & International Motivational speaker from Anchorage, Alaska who now resides in Los Angeles.

Being raised in Alaska was incredible, but having a dream to be a professional skateboarder seemed crazy to some.

I was often teased because many thought I should be playing basketball or football! I didn’t let that stop me because I loved skateboarding too much.

I wasn’t the best student in school either, I was placed in special ed classes because they said I was too “hyper”. Instead of being discouraged I continued to work on becoming a sponsored Skateboarder.

One thing that helped me envision where I wanted to be was placing skateboarding magazine pictures all around my room. I would then skateboard in my freezing cold garage everyday and eventually at the age of 14 my dream came true!

Once I became sponsored, I started to become “popular”. I went to party’s and didn’t make the best decisions.

The tipping point in my life was being in a car accident, and after that moment I knew I needed to change for my life.

My life did change… God changed my life, and many miracles have happened!

My aunt taught me how important it was to be help others. At the age of 18 she asked me to share my story to a group of students and I was extremely nervous but I took a step of faith. After sharing my story resilience, the students responded very well as if they understood where I was coming from. It gave me a fire to want to help more people!

Since then I’ve been using my voice and platform to motivate and inspire people around the world.

Some of best advice I’ve received is,

“Show me your friends & I’ll show you your future.

Be adaptable & Curious

Be a life long learner & Read self development books.