My name is Roberto Sotomayor. I´m a Spanish Runner of middle-distance.

I started in athletics thanks to my father at 7 years, but at 18 years I started to train in the High Performance Center in Madrid. My life is athletics and I have visited all places in the world thanks to my sport. I love people who are looking for their own limits: For this reason I like Fitness.

4 years ago, I had a serious road accident.  I was on my bike in the summer 2014. A car hit me and shattered my shoulder. I lost consciousness…and I woke up when I was in the hospital in the operating room.

The doctors told me I would never run again. For me, this notice was very hard. In this moment I decided to retrace everything. In my recovery, I trained 5 hours every day. It was an obsession: I wanted run, I wanted to compete again.

One day I saw a videroberto-2o about Diana Nyad: the first woman to swim Cuba-Florida with 60 years old. This video and her story was a great motivation for me. When she arrived at the beaches of Florida, her first words were: “never Give Up”. This moment was amazing for me.

In this moment, I knew I would never give up. 6 months later, I won my second European tittle in Poland.

This travel meant for me, to know me better, my limits, my strength, my mind. On my left arm I now have three words tattooed: “Never Give UP”.

With 39 years I won 3 tittles European Master Championships, and 3rd at World Master Championships and I have a World Record with the national team Relay (4 – 800) And this is my last competition year: My next and last challenge will be the World Championships in Korea.

I dream with the gold metal. This is my motivation, my dream, and my conviction. And then I will help other people to pursue their dreams.

My way is ending, but soon I will begin another way: to teach people never give up. Never!