Hi – May name is Sharon, I’m married and I have eight wonderful children.

I am, and have been a part time videographer for many years.  The nature of my work is to capture other people while I am behind the camera.  I enjoy seeing them break free from camera shyness and making them feel confident, however I never imagined to be on the other side of the lens!

When I realized that people do business with people they know and trust, and not just a faceless logo, I had to somehow choose to pay someone to be the face of my brand, or be the face of my brand.  It was apparent what I needed to do.  Yes, it took a while to muster up the courage but I finally did it!  I did my first Periscope broadcast in March 2016. hoopla

The fear of what people may think of me, the fear of rejection and the fear of inadequacy fell by the wayside when I chose to say “NO more” to fear!  I believe I have KNQR’D !

Every time I am in front of the camera I get a little better, a little less shy, a little more confident and I know that a little more of the real me will show up on the next video.
I am the proud owner and director of http://www.hooplavp.com/