As a child, Sherown started displaying strong drive and discipline that allowed him to become confident in setting and achieving goals. These character traits were built and strengthened while dealing with the loss of his father at a young age, academic struggles, losing his grandfather and sister to suicide, and then 6 months later ending up as a quadriplegic after a freak accident breaking his neck at the C4-C5 vertebrae.

Sherown endured the hardships and found ways to better himself in order to achieve his athletic and academic goals. Tenacity and a positive attitude allowed him to overcome the obstacles thrown his way; eventually leading him to multiple championships in track and field, a Masters in Software Engineering, and currently defying the odds of quadriplegia.

Sherown’s journey in life has exposed him to a wide range of cultures, environments and life experiences that translate to connections with a variety of people.

He greatly enjoys learning and sharing his vision to help others.

Before his accident, Sherown said, he enjoyed challenging his body to excel. His nickname at his local Cross Fit club was “Mighty Mouse,” because, according to the gym’s website, he “may be small but this guy is STRONG!”

That strength propelled him through rehab. Sherown came to Craig Hospital intent on gaining back as much mobility and function as possible.

“After I started getting some movement back,” he said, “then I felt [rehabilitation] was in my hands. I was responsible to push harder to do things.” Tapping into the same fierce determination that pushed him as an athlete.

Remember – appreciate the little things.