I’ll tell you a little about myself
My name Sonia, I write on the blog Mothers and Sportsmen and mother of two children, one aged 6 and a girl of 2 years.

First of all I am a mother but also love sports and adventure, since I can remember my life has always been linked to sport and healthy living, to karate, ballet and athletics. In the end I opted for athletics, which taught me the value of sport, friendship and sacrifice.

When athletics crossed my life did to join her for over fifteen years. It is in this sport where I learned that life is sweat and effort. We trained raining, hailing, without stopping.

When I had to leave for an injury followed with surfing, skiing … .. I kept running, exercising, yoga or what I want at all times. I can not imagine life without sport and that is what I teach my children.

When I took up the sporting life I felt I needed a goal, as it had always worked well. I needed to prove and see that it was able to, at a different pace, though. This time by simply like to test myself, take care of myself. I wanted to show my children that no matter the age, condition, gender. No matter whether you are mother, can also get goals no matter how small, can win races although not on a track.

So I do sport because it has always been part of my life, because it makes me feel strong, to be a better mother, wife, friend, daughter etc.

I train every day, you can always take a little while, no excuses. Being a mother and working outside the home is sometimes very difficult but it can take half an hour which is more or less what I train every day. I will not be the best athlete but I’m sure that more of fun and that’s what I try to show in my social networks with my account @madresydeportistas