Stella Boyle, Australia (@march_onstella_aus), Vice President at the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ

 An inspiring story that proves you can do anything you want in life, a spinal cord injury is just a minor detail! 

After she sustained a spinal cord injury (diagnosed as a C5 Complete Quadriplegic) her early 20’s, Stella Boyle went back to university and completed her Commerce degree with First Class Honours. Then, she embarked upon a fulfilling career in investment banking, learnt to walk against all odds and married her best friend in life, David.

Stella loves travel and enjoys the great outdoors! From riding the waves in the early hours of the morning to climbing the rock face of secluded cliffs. From Palaise Garnier to Bangkok night market. She believes that life is a gift, and that we mustn’t waste it!

 Over the past ten years, Stella and her team founded March On, a not for profit community which supports individuals with spinal cord injuries in achieving their personal goals and inspire others from all over the world to shake off the nasties of the past and ‘March On’ towards their dreams.

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