As a child I was obese. I have been struggling with a weight problem my entire life. I didn’t notice I had a problem until I started getting older, the kids became more mean.

I had a bullying issue from some boys who would verbally abuse me on the school bus. I went to my older sister Zoila for help. (She is also a professional Mma and Muay Thai Champion.)

She then introduced me to Cross Country running. This helped me not only with my weight, but also with my social anxiety. Not long after, my self confidence also got better. I became team captain after running for 3 years.

When school ended, I started having a weight issue again. I was falling back into the hole I worked so hard to climb out of. That is when my sister Zoila introduced me to MMA. Muay Thai, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and wrestling. I have never been so exhausted. I fell on my face the first day of training trying to kick as high as I could. The jiu jitsu was sweaty and gross, but then I was fascinated by how I was able to manipulate people bigger than me.

Within a year of training, I started my professional career of MMA fighting. No smokers, no amateur fights, I was jus thrown to the wolves. Since then I now have Championship titles in both MMA and Muay Thai in two different weight classes.

I started teaching children about 2 years ago. Knowing how mean kids could be. I do not allow verbal abuse to from any child to another. In my class the kids learn to respect each other not just how to kick. If not, at least they will have very strong arms from doing many many Push ups. But I love the ones who do want to learn and work hard.