Stephen Miller is a growing entrepreneur using fitness as a platform to elevate fundamentals of both personal and professional development, taught through personal growth, education and life.

From as early of six years of age I can remember suffering from various mental disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder, anxiety and depression.  These difficult moments throughout my life have allowed me to create a wonderful perspective and allow me to raise awareness with how I operate on many different facets.

Through multiple medications, natural remedies, therapists, support groups and my own self development, I have taken my raised awareness and ability to communicate to help others.  I believe that these life lessons developed me into a well-rounded person with a unique sense and will to want to give back to society.

One of my biggest challenges began when I competed in my very first bodybuilding competition,  It was a massive test of  absolutely everything I preach.  From this, I became inspired to use fitness as a tool to put everything I had learnt over the years into action and to aid society’s need for a better future.

“Our Vision” is simply everything I believe in and will be used to spread my message: click here to access this information: httstephenp://!our-vision/c1vw1

After a life of moving countries, schools and changing friends, the only real constant I had in my life was sport.

For many years I participated in both team and individual sports such as cricket, downhill bike riding, soccer and rugby.

As I developed into my later teen years, I took what I learnt through team work, the will to work hard and used my competitive nature to pursue a childhood love of professional wrestling.

Once stepping into the wrestling industry I fell in love with the gym, which has had an immense impact on my life in always physical,mental and spiritual.  I then began it had impacted in more ways than just these three.

My love to help people and ability to communicate and form a trustworthy relationship with others is where I sought out to start my own business as a personal trainer.  I have been within the industry for over two years and successfully helped many with all goals – physical, mental and otherwise, mainly using a system of belief and determination to achieve their personal goals.