We want to say a massive thank you to each and every one of our contributors and followers.

We are super proud to have this incredible opportunity to be part of so many people’s lives. We have had the privilege of sharing more than 100 individual stories in as little as 6 months since the launch of KNQR.com.au

Thank you for trusting us to share your personal story.

We have an engaged audience who appreciate, are stimulated and humbled by the inspirational stories of our contributors from all around the world (North & South America, Europe, Asia & Australia).

Who would have thought we would be a truly born global social enterprise? We had aspiration and a tremendous amount of self-belief that was fuelled by the amazing journeys our contributors have shared with us for you.

Contributors of KNQR have very diverse journeys, and share a steadfast trait – They never give up, never!  When faced with enormous adversity, when no one was there to believe in them, when all they had was the voice inside their soul repeating that they could achieve their dream and it was possible – The inner strength, passion and conviction in their own ability.

Wow – what a collage of heroes!
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As a social enterprise, engaging with our audience through our social platforms, we too have grown. Instagram and Facebook have been our primary focus and will continue to be for the next 12 months.  We reach out to all of you to help us duplicate our numbers this month. Why not! The power of unity is truly great and we want “To spread optimism contagiously, instil hope and promote the courage to pursue your passion”

Our website is gaining traffic mainly from our very loyal follower base.  You can now subscribe as a follower for free, become a member or a raving fan for a small fee supported with gifts from our recently created merchandise range. Once subscribed you can comment, share and like stories and posts directly on our website.  Get sharing, get commenting and let’s make it contagious.

Congratulations to Alex Kolberg, one of our very first contributors and also the most successful social post in our life time so far. Alex’s post has been shared almost 200 times and has reached over 100,000 people organically. His story like all our contributors is powerful, determined and genuine. Alex was also the first person to becoming a raving fan supporter and proudly poses for pictures in his KNQR hat.

We look forward “To inspire generations through sharing common stories of triumph”, we aim to change lives through you.

Thank you.

Nick and Kristian