KNQR is a community of people who dare to dream, are relentless in their pursuit of success chasing a life they’ve imagined / sharing relatable stories of challenges, struggles, triumphs and fulfilment.  KNQR is a lifestyle, a decision on how to view, appreciate and konquer each day.

Our thoughts feed and keep the very things that we desire the most suppressed and cast by shadow. We battle a minefield of self-doubt; we question our own ability to achieve the things literally dream of.

We more often allow a fictional imagined voice inside all of us question our worthiness, telling us why we shouldn’t, why we couldn’t, why we never will – dare to attempt and reach for what we long for in our minds eye.

KNQR is being true to yourself, your life’s mission, your goals and passions / whatever is important to you! Crushing fear and harnessing the courage to achieve what you desire is an honest and beautiful characteristic you can proudly and humbly wear with pride.

Every person in their lives have overcome a difficult, uncomfortable, painful or emotional setback.  We’ve each experienced success, triumph, glory and gratitude; but who remembers or acknowledges these feats when they’re required… All equally significant!

How did you feel when you won a sports competition, proposed and received the response you’ve dreamed of, graduated from school or university and achieved something we’ve put our minds to. An amazing feeling right!

Be proud and hold your head up high – the daily grind can be a thick fog and motivation can be a scarce resource / we all have konquered life on our journey and sometimes forget to find our excitement.  Remain proud give credit where credit’s due – we konquer life every day.

KNQR represents a lot of things / KNQR is not to give up.

The big dreams are often tough, but what is tough is always important!

KNQR will remind you of your dream, your purpose and passion.  KNQR has no limits and its community of a million hands will help you up. To find your way and guide you with experiences and stories.

Humans are creatures of survival; we all share this common trait and also desire a “better” quality of life (whatever that may be) for some, it’s personal and aspirational; others it’s emotional but it’s the feeling of achievement and accomplishment that is the wonder drug of our race.  Survivors don’t quit!  We are resourceful and resilient, without compromise and with radical conviction.

Dreams will never die and true content and peacefulness will remain unsettled until we can tick this box as DONE.

Remember to reset constantly and and whisper KNQR on repeat – keep life in perspective, stress less, be courageous and get on with it

Live life to the fullest and share optimism contagiously.


For years I would often refer to positive affirmations – when I wanted to do something or encourage someone. Konquer Life I’d say (and wrote the philosophy) like a “desiderata” reading.

I wanted to spread my message of what Konquer Life meant to me… TO DO / not ponder, dawdle or contemplate. How was I going to do relay my message? More than just the words Konquer Life, but the meaning behind my thought process. I came up with apparel and had some t-shits and hooded jumpers made for myself and friends.

Several years passed and as I matured having a young family of my own, my awareness of people all wanting to achieve something great in their lives was a common find, albeit unique to the individual.  I also bear witness to people suffering with illness and in particular the passing of my father in law boasting unwavering optimism right up to his last days ultimately losing his battle with brain cancer.

In October of 2015 I took the Konquer Life belief and saying to a colleague, friend and experienced businessman I knew – Kristian Livolsi. I was seeking some feedback and advice how to brand and spread my message through a one dimensional website and apparel label I envisioned. Drawing on similarities and a common direction we were both headed with individual projects, Kristian joined and partnered with me to make Konquer Life a reality.

With a few early changes and evolution of our brand – KNQR was born – a user generated platform where we would build a community of individuals who share stories of triumph, overcoming adversity to inspire others facing a similar situation. Our tag-line became “SHARE TO INSPIRE”. A phrase which summarises the essence of KNQR which we are proud to promote.

Im an entrepreneur, a businessman, a husband and father. Achieving is in my fabric, I do what I say and behave in line with my values.  I am accountable, integrity is everything and I never compromise on quality ever.

My vision is to change people’s lives; it began with one person at a time, then groups, it evolved into networks and over the years it became companies and groups.  KNQR provides me, through you, the ability to influence change in global communities, countries and the entire world where internet exists.

The reach is endless and we all have a story to tell that appeals to many kinds of different people. We are all different, in most cases we look different, we sound different and we think different. Our values are governed often by our culture and circumnutates, some have it more difficult than others and my aim is to give everyone equal hope.  Not false hope but equal self-belief through the achievements and stories of others.

We have never lived in a better time than now to influence global change.  I am inspired to KNQR, I am driven to KNQRand above all I want to share KNQRto the world much like Nick shared his dream and vision with me to Konquer Life.

Nothing great comes easy in life but we can share our stories and experience to inspire others in the hope they too KNQR.