I am a 35 year old, Kiwi-born, sports crazy travel addict. I have called Perth home for the past 12 years and have been lucky enough to visit 43 countries.

My life was changed just over 5 years ago when I took off the mask and admitted to myself I had a mental illness, from taking that step I could then start my road to recovery. Even though I could never admit to myself, Now I realise that Bipolar and Depression have been a major part of my life since my early twenties.

On my recovery journey, I have learnt the power of talking about mental illness and have pursued a passion to break the boundaries and stigma associated with this illness.

I started my company Hitting into the Light to raise awareness, push myself and show others what is possible when you #changeyourtracks. I can now set challenges, goals and targets that I never thought were possible, I can acknowledge myself for achieving these and show others the importance of living the life you want.

I have completed 3 life-changing charity challenges, (number 4 is coming up in December 2017)

I started a company and now have my dream job, all because I was able to remove the mask and start talking about the very issue that nearly ended my life.

As an avenue to share his personal stories and achievements, Tom created Hitting into the Light to focus on 3 major objectives:

Promote talking to someone . Talking helps everyone involved. Talking is support in all forms and without the first word, the first step cannot be taken, its ok to talk

Break the stigma that Mental Illness = Weakness. The more we openly acknowledge the more power we have to heal

Ensure others don’t go through the pain he went through. You don’t need to suffer alone. Even if you feel like there is no-one there, there are support networks available such as beyondblue, Lifeline to call, email, text.


What better way to Promote, Break and Ensure than by sharing a lived experience. Hitting into the Light is Tom’s real life journey and is a channel that shares the 3 major elements that have shaped Tom’s life, These being Golf, Mental Illness and the quest for a fulfilled life he is proud of. Hitting into the Light is his journey to Promote, Break and Ensure.

Tom is often quoted as saying that Golf saved his life. This was achieved through reconnecting with a passion he had lost when Depression took charge of his life.

The after effects included getting back into exercising, being outside in the fresh air,  reconnecting with friends, talking with friends/new people, regaining a competitive attitude and finding the indefinite potential of goal setting.

The name Hitting into the Light is accompanied by the hashtag #changeyourtracks which relates to the mission statement of the company:

“It doesn’t matter what type of train it is, travelling on the same tracks will take you to the same station … Its time to change your tracks”