3 years ago I was an able bodied motorcycle rider and enthusiast. I am an accountant by trade.

One night in November of 2015, I was struck by a truck while I was riding my motorcycle. After a handful of surgeries, my left leg was unable to be saved and it was amputated six inches above the knee.

Undoubtedly this was a devastating turn of events but luckily before I took my first step as an amputee I had my wife, my family, and friends with me in full force to support me through this ordeal. Instead of taking a knee and allowing my amputation to slow me down, I’m actually doing more now physically than I did when I was able bodied.

I dabble in a few sports like rowing, kayaking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, wheelchair basketball but of all the sports I’ve played… I am in love with surfing. Surfing gives me the same calm that riding my motorcycle did. I am at peace in the ocean. I’ve only been surfing for about a year now and I’ll be competing in my first adaptive surfing competition the first week of October in California.

I am happy that my athletic perseverance, despite my physical limitations is inspiring people to push forward regardless of the obstacles they may have in front of them.

Ty Duckett