My name is JiunShi, Lin. You can also call me Virginia.

I was a track and field athlete before SCI.

My lumbar pathological changes in high school period, however, my hometown is a small and poor island. We don’t have enough medical resources. My parents bring me to local hospital, they diagnosis the lower back pain was muscle strain.

When I left home to university and major in Physical Education department. I fall in gymnastic class due to sudden lower back pain. That fail made my C1~2 fracture, C3~C7 shift and wear. I was 18 years old.

I can’t move. Even breathing is painful.v

At first, no doctors would heal me, my parents was looking for doctors to save my life.

2 weeks later, I was lucky, a young neurosurgery doctor came back from U.S. He told my parents that I still have last chance to survial, because I was very young and strong. He can doing fusion surgery to rebuilding my cervical vertebra, otherwise I will paralysis lifelong.

I lost whole body feeling before the night of surgery.  That surgery was big success, I only lost part of skin and touching feeling, strenght and control of limbs, balance ability, vision, hearing and memories, but most of main nervous system can work.  The rehabilitation progress was difficult. 

The most difficult is accept the new body condition. I have to learn all the basic life ability, eating by myself, turn over on bed, sitting, standing, and walking without any assistant.  I feel about I am a robot, not a human anymore.

I isolation by myself.  Stop talking and laughing.  Second year, I had another lumbar surgery. Third year, doctors remove nail from cervical vetebra. Fifth year, lumbar disc and thoracic deformation.

I was not positive at those years in fact.  I have some relationships, broke up when they want to marry a healthy wife. It was heartbroken, too.

So lucky there always has a lot of angels around me when I try to give up.

I met a master at 26 years old.  She told me if I were healthy, I will be one of the greatest athlete of the world. 

Even though I can’t running anymore, I am still have greatest athlete mind, to share that strong mind to inspire people. It will become my life purpose.

It is a long long journey, I am 41 years old now.  I got a totally unique life journey. I accept all kind of rehabilitation therapies, learning nutrition knowledge, having healthy diet and supplement, keep training and moving, always learning something new. To understand people who hurt me and forgive them. Reminds myself to be compassion. Accepting new me.  Those life style makes me forever young, including body and mind.

I passed AFAA weight training instructor and ADAPT LV1 parkour & ADD assistant coach certificate. In the other hand, I established my first fitness gym since July 2016.  To provide weight training and moving class for the people who think they are weak in movement and without exercise habits.

My SCI becomes the greatest gift from God.