What’s your inspiration –A cliché but important question?

I do not proclaim to be an expert in any way. For me, I find myself thinking daily, hourly and probably thousands of times a day actually – I can only assume that I am not alone in thinking that we are inspired through countless moments constantly.

What inspires you? I mean the “big picture” the ultimate goal and those of micro tasks and accomplishments / work deadlines, a gym goal, a dietary goal, a relationship goal, a professional goal etc.

I do know that resetting and maintaining the right mindset is as important in life as breathing itself – It’s literally feeding your soul and can destroy you if you do not have the right cadence.

I’m personally “inspired” by many things.  Music is important, movies & video, pictures as I am quiet visual. The day it self (if the sun is out or the clouds are looming) are equally as stimulating for me.  Keeping the right company is also important / I like to be around like-minded people.  I have a vivid imagination and enjoy “day dreaming” such as the life I’d like to create, the achievements I wish to accomplishments, etc.  I know this varies for each of us.

Inspiration is affected by all things.  As mentioned I’m inspired by seeing and hearing things that stimulate my imagination. This has ultimately come via someone somewhere sharing content that appeals to me.

I believe if we keep this perpetual sharing of content – positive content; we can embed a belief system of unwavering confidence. If we see other people achieve something -That seed of possibility is fed and will start to grow into something bigger.

Your conscious constantly needs reinforcing.  Unfortunately we live in a world where negativity and condemnation is easier discussed than ones aspirations.

So if only the minority has the courage to support and encourage – we must rely on ourselves to pull us through a sticky or doubtful period.

This is where we need to find our inspiration.  So I ask you please.  Please continue to share your achievements and accomplishments, your passions and your pictures – Someone is always looking for what you’ve got – what may seem ordinary to you, may well be extraordinary to another.

Keep sharing

Nick Rutten // #sharetoinspire // #KNQR