Success has been a surprise for Noosa’s accidental podcaster –

WHEN Noosa photographer Yenny Stromgren started shooting portraits of local residents to lift her out of depression, she had no idea she would also capture the hearts of iTunes podcast enthusiasts seeking inspiration, life purpose and wellbeing.

Her personal portrait project quickly launched her into the realms of iTunes stardom, with a trending companion podcast show which has captured the hearts and minds of international listeners every week.

A life crisis in Yenny’s own world had her seeking a way to feel better about herself last year.

She started by taking pictures of people she found inspiring and positive.

What began as a “selfish project to boost my mood”, evolved quickly into an international talk show on the iTunes podcasting platform.

Just one week after its launch, the Everyday Light Warriors podcast was trending globally, gaining iTunes “News and Noteworthy” status in the Society and Culture section.

“There’s something about the idea of the light living in all of us that is so appealing to people,” Yenny explained.

“Perhaps we all need to believe that its possible to turn the dark side of life into something positive in order to grow stronger and make meaning of the meaningless.

“It was obvious that we all have our struggles in life but the people I photographed and talked to told me how their story of overcoming life struggles has helped them to become stronger and shine their light through the hardship.

“In their stories, I found that there are three key things that are common to all the people I interviewed – gratitude, self care and finding a life purpose.”

Sparked into action by her inspirational subjects, Yenny began to emulate their attitudes and motivating practises.

Suddenly, she was struck with the idea to find out more about the story behind the image her camera captured and began to interview everyone she photographed.

The result was Yenny became an “accidental podcaster”.

She now interviews everyday people on her weekly podcast episodes – from musicians, comedians, wellness coaches and authors to doctors and journalists.

“Everyday light warriors can be found in all walks of life,” she said.

“They’re people who take care of themselves, who don’t let the hard stuff stop them and who live to be inspired and to inspire others by being the best they can be.”

The podcast is designed to help everyday people and be a one-stop shop to achieve the happiness and inspiration needed to enhance the experience of life.

It is also a practical forum.

The daily habitsyenny-1 and tips from her interviewees are included in the “shownotes” on the website for listeners to access, along with recommended reading and other helpful resources for people to use to increase their light in the world.

Originally, the project was going to be called “I Am Enough” and was only intended to be photographs, as that is Yenny’s formal training and profession.

But as she progressed, listened and started to shift out of her own funk, Yenny realised that there was a glow that seemed to emanate from these people.

“They all had so much light around them. Always striving to do better, be stronger, live well and grow from the hard stuff”.

“And they are everyday people like me and you.”

But there was a difference. They didn’t seem bogged down in the mundane of everyday life but rather celebrated every aspect of it.

As her interviews took off on the international podcast scene, Yenny discovered the magical feeling of helping others.

A caring and compassionate soul by nature, she always wanted to help, but her trade didn’t quite hit the mark.

“My personal need to feel better has had this ripple effect. I get calls and emails from people all over the world thanking me for my show and for helping them to feel better too.

“I didn’t know it felt this great to help people.

“By following my heart and doing the podcast, I’ve found my own life purpose too and I am so grateful for all those people who’ve helped me get to this place.”

Yenny is now finding herself being approached for speaking engagements and interviews herself.

Everyday light seekers can positively fuel their week by listening to a fresh Every Day Light Warriors Podcast every Monday morning on iTunes Society & Culture for apple/mac, on Stitcher for android/PC, or directly on the website